Spectra Media

Spectra Media is the idea of the independent helping the independent, the small time business giving aid to small time business. I offer my skills as a videographer, filmmaker, editor and artist to create some form of visual medium to create works that will help promote and showcase the small business owner, the entrepreneur, the up and comer.

With a simple set up, an open negotiation for fees and the goal of creativity & business growth, I am here to offer you a chance to make some form of media to promote you and your businesses. Explore the videos present and if interested, contact me now!

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Who Am I?

My name is Drew Lytle and I am a Filmmaker with a Bachelors from the Evergreen State College. My whole life I've longed to tell stories, share philosophy and and express my creativity. When I made the vow to learn film and media, I went to school and got my degree in such a matter. Through the craft of video, I have found my passion and a means to support my dreams as well as help others.

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Academic Experience

My Studies


September, 2013 - June 2016

B.A. from the Evergreen State College

At the Evergreen State College, I learned the craft of Film, Media, Film History and Experimentation.  With 4 separate study programs over 3 years, I learned my craft I live and love today.

September 2011 - August 2013

A.A. from Lower Columbia College

At Lower Columbia College (LCC), I attained a general Associates Degree where I specialized in Art and English courses.

Equipment and Support

My services offered are in camera operation, direction, audio and editing.  Below are the gear, programs and websites that will be available to accomplish my goals.


Canon T7i

Canon T3

Zoom H1


3 Point Lighting Kit

Programs and Websites

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Media Encoder






The following are the charge Rates in for my services offered.  Each one is a ranged scale open for negotiation.  Read through to see which rate is most ideal for your productions needs.  Do note that if production exceeds expected time frame, is cut short unexpectedly or if reshoots are required, a lesser rate for a shorter shoot can be negotiated for these purposes.  Do note that Pre-production and Post-Production (minus reshoots) are free and are not part of the charge rates.

Hourly Rate: $20-50

My Hourly Rate is a negotiable scale of $20-50 an hour.  The time frame for this rate is an average of 1-4 hours and is ideal for simple Q&A sessions, interviews and brief promos.

Day Rate: $225-300

My Day Rate is a negotiable scale of $225-300 for a day.  The time frame for this rate is an average 5-8 hours and is ideal for multiple interviews, promos, samples presented and location representation

Project Rate: $575-650

My Project Rate is a negotiable scale of $575-650 for an entire project.  The time frame for this rate is 4-6 hours at least two days or more and is ideal lengthy promos, multiple demonstrations, multiple location features and multiple testimonies.


What's Needed by You?

It's important to know what you want, what's expected from you and how we will help each other.  Here are some bullet Points to help if needed.

*What is it you want people to know about you?  Be aware of the main draw for your business, non-profit, event or services that this is trying to promote.  It's one thing to simply say hire my services or buy my product, but what is it that makes you stand out?  Know that before we start.

*Keep things reasonable.  We all have grand ideas of what we'd like to create, but over-ambitiousness can make for a far more difficult video shoot.  Know the limits of what we can do, plan within those limits and make the best possilbe product we can in them.

*Be prepared.  If your going to speak a rehearsed bit, want a location highlighted or a product presented, have it ready.  Rehearse your lines and reread your script.  Make sure locations are not only prepared for filming but are allowed to be filmed at.  Have whatever product you want shown ready.

*Prepare for mistakes.  In film school, they taught us to trust in a particular law, Murphy's Law.  If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.  So be prepared for issues to occur.  Even if it's an hourly shoot and a short production window, be ready in case issues arise to prolong or delay.

*Be as open and honest as possible.  My goal is to best present you to people out there so they can see what you offer and whether they should seek you out.  In order to do that, I need up front and honesty.  I must know about what your offering, why your offering it and the rewards for it.  In order to represent that, I need you to be straight forward so I can understand and best show that.